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Christopher Nolan, Inception

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How to win the VFX Oscar (with maths)

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The Oscars. That golden little statue everyone is talking about. Answer me one question: wouldn't it be cool to be on the red carpet, meet all the famous and infamous artists...

Cleaning Noise on video

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Header Matte Painting by Pau Minguell X_Denoise X_Denoise is a noise reduction gizmo that can be used to repair damaged or compressed footage. It does the same function of the...
X_Tesla lightning

Creating lightning inside Nuke

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X_Tesla gizmo With this gizmo you will be able to create lightning and electricity effects. The effect is very customizable and flexible. You have control over the direction, shape, branches, complexity,...

Creating Distortion in Nuke

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X_Distort gizmo This gizmo I have created allows you to distort footage with control and flexibility. The main difference between my gizmo and Nuke's IDistort is that is more customizable and that...

Making a Christmas Greeting in 6 days

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First is first, if you haven't seen the Christmas video yet, here you have it: This year's Christmas video has been a challenge  for many reasons. Mainly, because it was done...